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We found 33% of marketers are currently leveraging permanent social media content. Our surveys also showed 85% of marketers plan to continue investing the same amount or increase their investment in permanent social media content.

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But if you’re going to create something from scratch, you need to create an outline for your page. For most of my career, lead capture pages were always one-page designs that required no scrolling. But lately, that trend has shifted to longer pages with lots of empty space, and the content spread out. However, if you’d like to create a page from scratch or understand the basic elements that go into a one-page lead capture page, here’s a quick breakdown: Headline Sub-headline Description Bullets Call-to-action About you (optional) Testimonials (optional) Headline
Done with deciding on products and vendors? Great. The next thing you should do is deal with the “tech” side of things. .

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Someone who is just starting out and wants to make money first before spending has found exactly what they are looking for here. The more experienced and wealthy will also be surprised at how much they can save by comparing with all the competitors.
Managers turn to surveillance software, always-on webcams to ensure employees are (really) working from home

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And as they age, they will increasingly need help with daily living activities and errands, especially as many seniors live far from their children who would otherwise do these tasks for them.
In this 2022 Tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a lead magnet in GroovePages to give away my FREE Winning The Groove SEO Game Checklist. The Optin Page and Thank You Page are built in GroovePages, the Optin Form and Email Automations (using Lists, Tags and Sequences) are built in GrooveMail, and I’m using […]

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Our decades of experience working in digital marketing have given us the upper hand to offer our customers the best email deliverability in the business.

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jobs with the highest burnout rate

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To sell online courses and informational products, you don’t have to manage an inventory or pay for overhead costs.You are not confined to selling to a local market only. With online courses and information products, you can reach a wider audience from all over the world.With lower investment costs, this business model poses the lowest risk.

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    Create a Sales funnel that actually makes money today! outshine your competitor and sell more.

    When it comes to generating leads and sales online, building a sales funnel is a necessity.
    Using Excel will help you to keep records and track your finances however, top quality accounting software will make it easy for you to analyze data and understand your business.

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    These are more focused on the business. As a small-scale or start-up e-commerce business, one still has to put numerous apps and software together to get a successful operation. This tool helps you put all of them “under one roof”. It integrates them in a way that they could update and influence each other.

    Trello is a comprehensive tool for content strategists looking to really plan out their editorial calendar.
    Imagine someone wants to buy tickets to a U2 concert, but they don't have the money ready when the tickets are first released.

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    However, there is much more to GetResponse than its email campaign and marketing tools. As of late, the company has become an all-in-one digital marketing platform, giving users the ability to tackle a variety of tasks and easily automate many day-to-day marketing activities.

    Remedy: Today’s software for remote workers has user-friendly interfaces with easy navigation tools. These enable even new technology users to swiftly manage the dashboard and access databases without any complications. Besides, many WFH software applications also provide video and text tutorials, aiming to train newbies on how to use the specific tool.
    A digital product can be resold to new customers all year round. This is the exact opposite of the e-commerce industry where you're constantly looking for new products to sell.

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    See to it that you optimize your website for speed so that it loads quickly and ensure that it’s easy to use on all devices. Test your site on mobile so you can see if it offers a smooth browsing experience. If not, work on optimizing your site for the small screen.

    As your business grows, so will its output and the projects it takes on. Therefore you’re going to need a tool like Trello that will help you manage it all.
    Check out Airbnb’s tutorial on how to become a host to learn more about hosting your home with the site.

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Almost every online marketplace has its own paid advertising platform to promote your products. You should start by focusing on the platforms that your customers are likely to be engaging in most. Paid advertising is fast becoming a must have for growth and success in ecommerce. It’s worth becoming familiar with the different platforms as soon as you have some money to experiment with.

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Canva is a subscription service for people who need web design to be easy and might not have the budget for a full-time graphic designer. Optimized for mobile, Canva makes design easy for amateurs with its visually appealing drag-and-drop features.

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So, GrooveDigital is a parent company which owns the main brand of GrooveFunnels and this brand has many different tools & apps like GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveKart, GrooveMail, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar and many more. So, all those tools are under GrooveFunnels.

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